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River Water

Lehna Huie

Acrylic on canvas, leather from my Grandfather’s couch, Styrofoam, beads, cowrie shells, bells, medicine bottles, seeds
96"x 60"
NFS, inquire artist

River Water

River Water represents the protective elements of the rivers - as the veins and lifeblood of our Mother Earth. It uplifts the life force and majestic healing nature of the waters. In my culture, we go to the river to pray and to seek guidance. River Water is part of Lehna’s Wood and Water series.

Description of Wood and Water Series:

In July of 2020, I began my research based installation titled Wood and Water. The Arawak Indigenous name for Jamaica is Xaymaca and it translates to the “ Land of Wood and Water.” I have been studying the history of colonization in relation to nature on the island. In my research I am learning about the socio- political complexities of that space while mapping where my family and communities narrative is in conversation with that history.

My approach stemming from a series of family interviews, gathers clusters of accumulated disparate materials representing home and my ancestral geographies. I utilize materials such as painted moving blankets, ribbons, palm leaves and drop cloth in combination with crystal-like beads, stones and plant matter to enhance the narrative of my piece to illuminate the color and form of the objects.

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