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Queen of Sky

Maria Louise High

copper electroforming over magnolia twig,
freshwater pearls and labradorite
brooch dimensions approximately 11" l x 3" w

Queen of Sky

My work highlights the value of small things in the natural world and placing that value at the intersection of a specific time and place to create an authentic token of memory. Using the process of electroforming allows me to create organic time capsules to elevate materials that tend to be overlooked. When worn the pieces become a social device, whether a catalyst for discussion of the objects, or for sharing stories when elements personal to the wearer are commissioned into the piece. The story of these pieces in particular that I am submitting are based in the sense of home and community. The branches are from the huge magnolia tree in the tiny backyard of my row home here in Baltimore. The tree was here long before we were, and it is such a big part of our home and how we are emotionally connected to our living space. Our pets are the birds and bees that weave themselves into the branches and the cicadas that burrow up from the earth beneath it, and the spiders that spin their silken nets to catch the flies that buzz in circles attracted to the scent of the summer blooms. Balanced with the joy is the fear of loss because of the complexity of losing much more than a tree. It stretches across the yard and alley to tie us to our adjacent neighbors. The branches' beauty is one of decadence, from the original Latin root of falling down.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please contact Tori Munoz

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