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I’m Still Growing

Miracle Kendall

Mixed Media

I’m Still Growing

Above are works I've created throughout my time here in Baltimore, living here and on my own has allowed me to explore in ways I was not able to do before. In doing so I've experienced nature and spiritual connections like no other! Such interactions have only continued to fuel my love for spiritual practices, nature and its connection with the Black community, as well as butterflies and the power/ energy they hold. The energy and souls that myself and many others feel from the land we step on everyday carries notes of both beautiful and sad feelings. I feel as though all we can do now is love, cherish and honor the best we can, and in the ways that we as individuals, as artists, as people see fit. It's my way but, I honor my people and myself through my art and the symbolism I use within it.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please contact Tori Munoz

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