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K’aree Tsalagi

Lamp Shade Iron Frame, Cotton Linen Upholstery fabric,Yarn,
Gold Bells,Turquoise Beads,
11’x 34’x14’


These artworks represent the indigenous soul that lives in all of as indigenous peoples connected to the land. The free spirited nature expressed through imagery. The land is provided to us for free and ask us to share ourselves in order to find peace. Peace is essentially nature's mantra for absolving us of our struggles. It represents unity of matriarch system of indigenous women. Without the matriarch there is no Clan. Without the matriarch we wouldn’t know how to honor the land, we wouldn't know how to water ourselves. Preserving one’s truth(heritage) through imagery invoking freedom, celebration of heritage and exploring the depths of your own soul by connecting with nature.

To learn more follow Instagram @cherokaree @tsalagitextilestudio

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