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Big As A Mountain

Rowan Bathurst

Acrylic on canvas
40”x 60”

Big As A Mountain

The works I have been working on lately are about solitude and moments in nature. We can miss the magic in day to day moments but if we happen to slow down we can find it, in ourselves, our history, and in our landscape. Power and beauty are often depicted as opposing forces; the figures here depict the radical balance of the two that exist inside of us. Rather than diminishing our beauty and femininity, our struggles add to our innate splendor. A Venus figurine brings peace to an everyday warrior, a reminder of an inner knowing, self-love, pride, and compassion for the history that we carry within us. The objective for my paintings is for them to remind the viewer of the hardships we have been through— are going through— and to show the world our strength.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please contact Tori Munoz

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